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Mini Go Round Painted Rosita

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Mini Go Round Painted Rosita


Mini Go Round Painted Rosita



AMHA: A166066 - SIRE: 50436873L - AMHR: 320741A

Born on 16th of april 2005 at Mini Go Round in Californie (USA)Sire: Double A Cheyenne Chief
Dam: Foxfire Bewitched
Height: 33,5 inches / 85 cm at last manehair

Color: Black pinto, homozygous fortobiano E/e a/a To/To
Rosi's foals will all be pintos

Rosi is an adorable, patient and lovely little mare. What ever you ask for, she will do it. She's quite a good mother without overprotecting her foal.

Her pedigree

Total AMHA Registered Horses: 31
Highest Generation Level (Registered Horses): 5

Mini Go Round Painted Rosita

Double A Cheyenne Chief


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Rosita's foals

Rosita arrived at our farm with a foal at her side, Amigo. She had one other foal before him.

  • Rosi's foal 2011: Pizzazz Amigo
    Amigo 2011

Born at our farm :

  • her foal 2012 : Cinnamons Celtic
    Cinnamons Celtic, poulain 2012 de Rosi
  • her filly 2013: Cinnamons Dakota
    Cinnamons Dakota 2013
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