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Cinnamons Celtic


Cinnamons Celtic


Cinnamons Celtic

AMHA: A 211450 - SIRE: - AMHR:
DNA tested (parentage qualified)

Born at our farm on 29th of june 2012

Dam: Mini Go Rounds Painted Rosita, bloodline Kokomos Little King Supreme

Sire: Brewers Feature Pizzazz (national champion USA 1999), bloodline Orion Light Van Huttennest


Height: 32 inches / 82 cm at last manehair

Black pinto
homozygous black(EE aa), hétérozygous tobiano
Celtic can produce solid or pinto foals, all on a black base. he will never produce a sorrel foal

45 AMHA registered horses in his pedigree:
Orion Light Van Huttenest, Brewers Orion Feature, Brewers Feature Pizzazz, Komokos King Tut, Komokos Little Husseler, Komokos Mountain Boy, Komokos Little King Supreme,Little Kings Blackberry , Double A Cheyenne Chief, Goforth Little Pistol...


Celtic is a lively and elegant horse with a dashing and showy temperament. He needs to be gently introduced in new tasks and situations, but he is never stubborn or overreacting. He's really nice to handle. Celtic has a harmonious and refined body type, with a sublime head and a beautiful long and curved neckline.He has perfect legs and chic movement.

Celtic has been showed at the 3rd International Miniature horse competition 2013 in Saillenard (FR), and was rewarded N° 1 of his category as well as Supreme Champion, overall “Best in Show”.We have decided to keep him with us and let him grow to adult age in view of a promising stallion’s breeding career

His pedigree

Total AMHA Registered Horses: 45
Highest Generation Level (Registered Horses): 6

Cinnamons Celtic

Brewers Feature Pizzazz


Brewers Orion Feature

Orion Light Vant Huttenest
Dell Teras Buttons  
Dell Teras Jane Dell Teras Firelight
Dell Teras Miss SC
Bruners Wendy    
Brewers Orion Destiny
Orion Light Vant Huttenest Dell Teras Buttons  
Dell Teras Jane Dell Teras Firelight
Dell Teras Miss SC
Dels Calamity Jane    

Mini Go Round Painted Rosita


Double A Cheyenne Chief

Little Kings Blackberry
Komokos Little King Supreme photo
Komokos Little Husseler
Komokos Teanie Jeanie
Lil Ponderosa Bonny Lil Ponderosa King
Lil Ponderosa Gipsy
Fishers Catherine Pistols Casey Branaman Goforth Little Pistol
Fishers Lady Sorell
Foxfires Bewitched
Legendarys Romeo Komokos Spider Komokos Ringo
Komokos Buttons
JE Roman Luna Komokos Big Boy
Komokos Angels Baby
Hocotts Razzle Dazzle Shadow Oaks William Henery Shadow Oaks Paul Bunyan
Golden Mist
Foxfires Blue Camilla Lil Ponderosa Rascal
Blue Bonnet








Celtic en vidéo




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