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Brood mares
Knowing that 50% of the genes are passed on to the offspring from the mare, we attach great importance to the selection of the brood mares, as we do for the stallions.
You'll find more details about every mare (pedigree, foals, more photos) on their individual pages
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Registration: AMHA - AMHR - SIRE miniature

Born 2004 at Zephyr Woods in Wisconsin (USA)

Sire: Little Kings White Russian
Dam: Little Kings Echo Empress

Height : 33,5 inches / 85 cm

Color: smoky black
Ee aa Cr/n (Test UC Davis)
Twister can produce foals on a black or red color base, with or without the cream dilution

Twister is a mare with a lot of temperament and chic. She is the leader of the herd and has a presence worthy of a stallion. Her attitude is always proud and attentive, with gaits and proportions of a big horse. Her head is fine, her neck long and curved: two assets that she seems so far to transmit to her foals, like her balanced character. Her cream gene causes her a pretty and original color, which is another little advantage. For us this mare is simply perfect and we never tire of admiring her and we rejoice to have her on our breeding! Even if we did not want to breed her, this mare would be just a feast for the eyes!



Registration: AMHA - AMHR - SIRE miniature

Born 2005 at Mini Go Round in California (USA)

Sire: Double A Cheyenne Chief
Dam: Foxfire Bewitched

Height : 33,5 inches / 85 cm

Color: black homozygous tobiano
Ee aa To/To (Test UC Davis)
Rosi can produce red or black foals, and they will all be tobiano pintos..

Rosi is an all-around correct mare. She is not particularly refined, but she impresses with her perfect legs, a healthy and balanced morphology and wide and regular gaits. She has a very sweet character and unfailing patience. This mare would be the ideal candidate as a therapy horse. Everything is easy with Rosi: cohabitation in the herd or with other animals and humans, birthing, motherhood ... a truly carefree mare. She is the mother of our young stallion Cinnamons Celtic, who is regularly awarded as Supreme Champion or Reserve Champion.



Registration: AMHA - AMHR - SIRE miniature

Born 2008 at Ted et Rosemary Roberts farm (USA)

Sire: Jandts Impressives Standing Ovation
Dam: Shady Oaks Moonlight Sonata

Height : 32 inches / 81 cm

byi frame sabino splashed white overo, homozygous for black
EE Aa Sb/n SW1/n LWO/n (Test UC Davis)
Treasure will never have a red foal. She can transmit one ore more of her pinto genes, or none of them.

When I saw this mare for the first time, I immediately fell under her spell. I then spent weeks observing her via the camera in her foaling stable at Pacific Pintos, and every day I was increasingly convinced that the place of this mare was not only in my heart, but also in my meadows. It took some time, but Joanne Abramson finally agreed to sell me this well named treasure.
Treasure is a mare with a perfect conformation, an extravagant color and character of gold. She is very close to human, very vocal (she's whinning a lot, when she sees us coming) and a very good mother. Her genetics makes her particularly interesting as a color producer.



Registration: AMHA - AMHR - SIRE miniature

Born 2011 at Pacific Pintos in California (USA)

Sire: Nostalgias Dirty Money "Monet"
Dam: Cross Country Tequila Sunrise

Height : 33 inches / 84 cm

silver buckskin splashed white overo, homozygous splashed white
Ee Aa Cr/n Z/n SW1/SW1 (Test UC Davis)
Bella ca produce red, bay or black foals, with or without silver and/or cream dilutution. All her foals will be splashed white

Bella is a beautiful mare with a breathtaking pedigree, wherein we can find Nostalgias Dirty Money, Nostalgias Show Me The Money, Cajun Rebel, Lazy N Red Boy, LTDS Magic Man, Rowdy ... to name a few. She also has interesting genetics for color production.
Bella is a refined and harmonious mare with a sensitive and gentle temperament. She foaled for the first time with us and proves to be an excellent attentive and protective mother.
We ourselves imported this mare from the United States, with the costs and risks involved ... and rwe have no regrets!


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