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Welcome at Cinnamon's Sirius

Our farm is situated in the south-west of France within the green countryside of the Gers (               
 Our horses live just “under our windows” in a property of 15 ha (37 acres) of meadows and 5 ha (12 acres) of woods. The property is surrounded by pastures and woods, has a private country lane for access so that we live far away from roads and traffic.

Our grassland is hilly and contributes to muscle developpement exercise for our horses. Adjacent forest, trees and hedges provide a natural protection from sun and wind, and the offer of a diversified playground. Shelters on most of our pastures have also been put in place

Although we are "under-grazing" (less than a full size horse per ha), our parks are organized in order to rotate and to logically organize the herds of large and minis. All pastures are fenced by electrified ribbon: brown and 4 cm wide, the ribbon is visible to horses, has the appearance of strands of wood while being safe and aesthetically integrating in the environment.

Ourlarge and miniature horses live in the outside all year round. In winter they have hay at will, distributed in open shelters where the horses can come in and out as they wish. We have large stables to bring the horses in, in case of illness or need for closer monitoring (for example for foaling ). In order to allow the most natural “way of life” for our horses they are not clipped in the winter and then show a quite charming "Yeti look"! witch somewhat disguises the “ elegance” of our American Miniature Horses .


Large stables:
Boxes extérieurs


Barn boxes:
Boxes intérieurs

Training the horses

An arena (20x40m) and a round pen allow us to train our horses. The big ones are ridden; the minis are exercised by longeing, long reins, jumping and driving .



All around our entirely enclosed property and between the different pastures we have grass paths that offer more than 2 km of walking possibilities. There we walk our dogs and train young horses to leaving the herd and “survive on their own”….. and, by the way, also a pleasant opportunity to check the fences !

allées entre les prés
promenade entre les prés



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